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@Purism Any updates on the Librem 11? My current laptop's on the verge of dying, and the 11 has a really nifty feature set. I'd love to put in an order for one, but not without some sort of ETA.

6) The tabbed interface sucks, particularly when you've got an app that tries to do as much as TBird. I like having separate windows for calendars, contacs, chat, and messages.
7) Creating calendar entries is really really awkward. Selecting times by dragging is way faster.

3) Preferences live in at least 3 entirely disconnected places (server settings, app settings, extension settings).
4) 2 search bars. One is super slow, and the other opens up a new search window instead of filtering the current view.
5) Searching defaults to "relevance" rather than "date". Ok, except that Thunderbird's relevance measure is garbage.

1) You get threads *or* unified mailboxes. Not both... or at least not as far as I was able to tell.
2) Threading support is awkward: (a) threads are shown top-to-bottom in time (no way to reverse that as far as I can tell), (b) There doesn't seem to be a thread view that shows all messages in a thread in a single window (i.e., what and Google do).

I recently ran a simple experiment, swapping out Thunderbird for and The experiment is now over, and I"m back to At a high level, the issue is that Thunderbird is scattered --- It doesn't have a clear set of goals, and as a result everything feels just tacked on. The specific things that killed it for me follow:
Alaskan research station temperature data results becomes so much of an outlier that automated data validation algorithms at NCEI decided to throw them away.

"Correctness of SQL Queries on Databases with Nulls"

Insight: SQL Null Value semantics are crazy, and doubly so when you get negation involved. The paper outlines a process for providing upper and lower bounds on query result sets involving nulls.

"The Case for Learned Index Structures"

Insight: If you have an exact CDF and an array of sorted data you can find the position of a record. Approximate the CDF e.g., with a neural network, and you get approximately the right position, then use e.g., expanding ring to find the record.

A ton of effort from Carl and Grant to get it out the door: PocketData (aka falsehoods programmers believe about benchmarking mobile platforms). Sneak peak preview to anyone interested:

Just refurbished my old kindle 2

New Battery

Replacement Instructions

Wired Software Updates

It now works without being plugged in. Nothing like the tactile sense of physical buttons for page turning (with apologies to those who prefer physical books).

So maybe the FCC isn't the right agency to regulate anti-competitive practices, but:

> One part of Pai's proposal to end net neutrality — the centerpiece of his deregulatory plan — would be to prevent states from passing their own pro-neutrality laws.

States rights are tricky, especially when a state's actions harm another. But even if you assume that net neutrality is harmful, how can one state implementing it hurt any other states?

Just found out that I'm one of this year's SEAS Early Career Teachers of the Year!

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