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Still wondering what my secret project is?


An #opensource bike computer.

After weeks of working behind the scenes, today the first functional prototype was tested on the road. Hello world!

Check out if you want a prototype too.

#foss #floss #fahrrad #cycling #cyclocomputer

🎨 A painting/Fediverse experimentation:

With percentages of Red, Green and Blue, you can obtain a precise RGB color definition.

So, please vote for one or more color channel and with the mix of all the votes, I'll challenge myself to paint a fantasy landscape, using the result as the dominant color.

(PS: I'm doing full time inking/penciling on episode 37 and a bit of colored art cool-down would be great! Also I need a bit of 'Fedifun' this week. Thanks for your votes and boosts! )

I started playing around with the other day, and it struck me just how easy it was to attach a development client to test out new ideas. I'd already implemented a comparable tool for HASS using its websockets API, but MQTT required just so much less boilerplate to make work. I'm thinking of slowly migrating my house logic off of hass and into something cleaner and MQTT-based.

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Although -assistant is an incredibly powerful tool, it's also a monolith of a software package. Coupling a state bus, archival, data vis, and hardware compatibility layers makes for a brittle system that needs to be restarted on every little change. Using YAML as a configuration tool is also incredibly limiting.

How did I not know about before? OEM parts for DIY repairs! Side note: ♡ Delonghi for linking there!

useful resource: the person behind this site has been posting character sheets for various role-playing games since 1998. they're all form fillable and most are highly customizable by using PDF layers and a lot of them are for incredibly obscure role-playing games. what's really cool is even though they stopped posting new character sheets in 2011, in 2019 they started again.

University Apparatchik: We need these compliance boxes ticked before you can have the thing, because we have boxes, and boxes must be ticked.

Faculty member: If we tick your boxes, can we have the thing?

University Apparatchik: I can't promise that.

Your tax dollars at work.

Another tip: Every Mastodon account has RSS built in. Just add .rss to the end of the URL for your account, e.g.

That lets people follow your public posts from an RSS reader, but it's also useful if you wanted to use IFTTT to crosspost your public posts to another platform.

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Another major nit with Vizier 2.0 cleared. The table of contents artifact list now gives you per-artifact actions (e.g., scroll the workflow to the step that created the artifact). The issue tracker is still only at 41% completion, but it's actually more than usable at this point. I should set up a nightly build system.

Recent data exploration for work has also highlighted Vizier's main value proposition: Scala was pretty much the choice for building a ML pipeline, but I didn't think twice about tossing in a SQL cell for some ETL, or a Python cell for data vis in bokeh. It all just works seamlessly together.

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On a bit of a whim, I just added support for SparkML pipelines into Vizier's Scala cells (an easy 1-2 hr of effort). It ended up highlighting a lot of the value of building research software to existing standards for data science software. A few years back we completely rewrote Mimir ("todo notes" dataset annotations) for Spark Logical Plans. Now, without any extra effort or intent, Mimir annotations propagate through SparkML pipelines as well!

I just came off a 24 hour hackathon at the local university. (I came home to crash for a few hours in the middle of the night, but many of the students didn't!) They're always such energizing events, with students doing tons of really interesting things and just being jazzed to learn.

I gave a talk about #retrocomputing computer-building projects. Slides are here:

(There are many omissions, and probably errors, it's a pitch more than a howto!)

In the interest of keeping Pepper&Carrot free, I've decided to take on subtle product placement.

we're reaching cyberpunk anime levels of infowarfare

Q: Why can't you write a web tool in JavaScript for digitizing data?

A: Many people have an A/D blocker installed.

⚠️ #Mastodon v3.4.6 is out! This patch release includes important security fixes.

And for those who are still on the 3.3.x branch, v3.3.2 is out with the same fixes.

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