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The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories / How to be socially distant
A short guide to social distancing in 2020.


just verified for myself: the latest debian+phosh image for the #pinephone now has working phone calls, out of the box.


The #librem5 devkit driving it's internal panel via DSI and an external screen via HDMI at the same time.

#etnaviv #mesa #imx8

The Software Freedom @conservancy , which helps manage funds and provides a legal home for the Inkscape project, is seeking your help for its donation match!

There are 6 days left to raise about $30K. Consider donating for software freedom today & have your donation count double!

Schneier on Security / Mailbox Master Keys
Here's a physical-world example of why master keys are a bad idea.

This year’s ball drop hack: an esp8266 driving four servos controlled over WiFi. Not as visually appealing as prior years, but I learned a lot!

Similar programs have been slammed across multiple high schools across the country. This is in part because there have been cases of schools using keyloggers to violate expectations of privacy. More importantly, these programs often, rather than attempting to diffuse the situation, are designed to simply make the problem go away. It can be logistically easier to simply suspend a student, even if all they did was post a joke in bad taste.

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I appreciate the reasoned, discussion-based approach to diffusing potential violence, based on publicly available data. As it’s presented here, this seems like a well thought out plan.

And yet there’s something about cops showing up on your front door with a screencap of your Facebook profile that’s really creepy. Maybe it’s that this type of program requires care, common sense and a tolerance for risk that is rare among bureaucratic types.

Handmade media controller based on the m0 trinket and a neopixel strip. Super hackable and does volume control and play/pause.

Almost forgot the food! dining cars have a limited menu, but what they have is really good.

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After reflecting: Some of my favorite parts of traveling on the Southwest Chief (CHI to LAX, and back)
- Thunderstorm over the Kansas plains at night.
- The Mississippi river crossing.
- Trains crossing in the fog.
- Mountain passes on the CO/NM border.
- The Pecos Wilderness area in New Mexico.
- The Albuquerque water stop vendors.
- Sunrise over NV/CA.
- 6 days of being disconnected from the world with nothing but a laptop and a (virtual) stack of books.

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