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Schneier on Security / A Feminist Take on Information Privacy
They love-bomb us when we try to break away, piling on the free data or device upgrades, making us click through page after page of dark pattern, telling us no one understands us like they do, no one ...

@palinuro we will be publishing a shipping schedule in a few days :)

The culmination of a nice hike...

Also, I don’t think I have ever been at a planetarium show where the presenter got so into the role. Props for an awesome performance.

Sunrise over Kansas after a really pretty (but un-photographed) thunderstorm.

So reports on a deepfake of #Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, asking the question: will Facebook delete this video from its platform?

Of course, the real problem is that Facebook has the power to sensor for millions of users. #decentralize please!

A retrospective on 2 years of linux after 25 on a mac. A shout out in particular to my @purism Librem 13v3, which replaced my old macbook air. PureOS/Gnome3 is a surprisingly good alternative to OSX.

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