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I was interviewed by Fast Company about @purism hardware kill switches in this piece on the current trend to put them in home automation devices to address everyone's unease with always-on cameras and mics in their bedroom. #privacy

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

We love processing the software development work invoices of #ReproducibleBuilds developers. They're the only contractors who attach GPG signatures, sha256sums and the like for all their documentation. Apparently, they're also working on #ReproducibleBilling as well.

The Librem 13 comes with bluetooth hardware, but there's no free drivers for it. If you really need bluetooth you'll need the debian non-free repository:

echo "deb stretch non-free" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian-non-free.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install firmware-atheros
sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

I'm told this got fixed in current versions of PureOS, but in case it hasn't: The '\' key didn't work for me out of the box on the Librem 13, but adding the following lines to `/lib/udev/hwdb.d/60-keyboard.hwdb` fixes it:

# Purism Librem 13 V2

# Purism Librem 13 V3

Been loving my @Purism Librem 13... but as I've mentioned in the past, it can be a bit quirky. Time to start a quick thread documenting fixes for some of the more painful aspects.

Let W be a natural number (including zero) and [W] be the set of all natural numbers less than or equal to W.

< (2^[W] x { T, F }), ([W], T), ([W], F), ⊕, ⊗ >,
(xw,xz) ⊕ (yw,yz) = (xw ∪ yw, xz ∧ yz)
(xw,xz) ⊗ (yw,yz) = ( (xw ∩ yw) ∪ ( xz ? xw ) ∪ (yz ? yw) , xz ∨ yz )
z ? w = if z then w else ∅

this mess is actually a semiring. That blows my mind.

Just fixed my old iPad 2 after a screen crack. Apple really needs to think more about repairability. Replacing some of that PitA glue with a few more screws would be well worth it.

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