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After about 2 months, I finally wrote up my thoughts on moving from my Macbook air to a new @Purism librem 13v3.

Main takeaway: It's quirky, but good. Still not a the I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone stage, but it's a solid linux laptop.

A bunch of cheeses are in a room. Cottage cheese gets up and starts telling a wild story. The other cheeses are like No Way! Cottage cheese is like, yes whey!

Sooooo... how about that '\' key on the , @Purism ?

(Loving it in general... but no pipes seems like a pretty big oversight for a linux laptop)

With amortized data structures, the bill always comes due. Too many memoized sources...

Got this email today. Not 100% sure its legit, but it seems to be. Can anyone spot the problem?

Borderline miss at SIGMETRICS (A x2, WA, WR x2) with a paper on the difficulties of measuring database performance on smartphones. Admissions were tight: ~15% accept rate. Could make a good ICDE paper, maybe.

No luck with DAMON this year. It's a little bit sad, since we hit some surprises from the Android governor while benchmarking SQLite on mobile phones, and it would have been nice to share those. Most of the feedback seemed to suggest that the work was incidental to other stuff we were doing, which is not entirely off-base.

But that opens the question: If you can't publish surprising one-off findings at workshops, what do you do with them? Blog posts?

@rss Up and running! Thanks feed2toot!

Eventually I need to write a version of this that just grabs content out of ownCloud's news reader.

2 accepts (HILDA, TKDE), 1 reject (HILDA) in the last few days. Let's see how that compares to next week (DAMON, SIGMETRICS).

Phew. submissions in. Thanks for the multiple extensions 😀

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