@kyle They didn’t modify the app (that would be creepy), they pushed a new signature into OSX’s malware detector that disabled it (which is less creepy). By most definitions, Zoom’s mac app *was* malware. The fact that Apple has the ability to arbitrarily block the use of software without giving users an override is a problem, but it’s a step below being able to arbitrarily patch an app.

@francois Also thanks. I’d been looking for a good OSS video editor. Kdenlive hit the spot.

So @VICE@twitter.com reports on a deepfake of #Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, asking the question: will Facebook delete this video from its platform?

Of course, the real problem is that Facebook has the power to sensor for millions of users. #decentralize please!


@kyle Trains can be a good option too, depending on where you are. The US is sadly behind on rail infrastructure, but even here there's a number of routes that can be more conveinent by rail.

@kyle You’re right, and that’s unfortunate since SaaS is straight up worse for users than closed source. The Patreon model is ok for hobby projects, but there’s got to be some way to sustain a hybrid model that allows a larger project to fund itself while still giving back. Perhaps a clearly (contractually?) defined boundary between open and closed components could be feasible if there’s critical components on the open side of the boundary to incentivize continued development.

@kyle The support model can create perverse incentives too, limiting code documentation or encouraging complex designs that ensure the company’s control over expertise maintaining or extending the software (see e.g. Redhat). Do you see any ways to fund the long-term development of a purely software open source project that don’t ultimately incentivize “monetizing” users?

A retrospective on 2 years of linux after 25 on a mac. A shout out in particular to my @purism Librem 13v3, which replaced my old macbook air. PureOS/Gnome3 is a surprisingly good alternative to OSX.


Thanks @nextcloud , I really appreciate the use of local-only ML, as well as keeping ML off the critical path (warning about suspicious logins rather than blocking them). Keep up the great work!

@purism I'm very excited by this phone, but it would help to know whether it will be compatible with my current carrier or if it would require a switch.

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