@elb I haven't read Portable Shell Programming, but my intro by fire to shell scripting (prior to a CS Games) was the O'Reilly bash book (oreilly.com/library/view/learn). Was ages ago, but I do remember it getting me my 6 character answer to the "code a quine" challenge 😀.

@dos Impressive progress on the L5 camera! (also adorable)

@nytpu The ReMarkable is a bit on the pricy side, but it's a legal-pad-sized e-ink tablet that views PDFs, EPUBs, does note-taking and annotation, and pretty much nothing else. It gives you SSH access to the linux it runs on if you check the toggle, and has an active unofficial dev community as well. ( remarkable.com/ )

A few days ago I had an idea for a simple e-ink project and found Inkplate - an Open Hardware design with ESP32 and recycled Kindle displays.

Programmed it to wake up daily at midnight to download a PGM image over WiFi (gitlab.com/dos1/kartka) from a server which checks some stuff like trash collection schedule. Should last years on a single battery charge.

Check it out if you look for a super approachable way to build some e-ink stuff! inkplate.io/

@elb I gave up on trying to fix this across all my boxes/VMs and just aliased `ssh` to use xterm-color instead:

if [ "$TERM" = "xterm-kitty" ] ; then
alias ssh='TERM=xterm-color ssh'

@elb As in the only way to program is by looking at the lights?

The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories / Five things worth knowing about the Mars Perseverance Rover
View on my website

@simpletools Multiple-cursor support (SubEthaEdit, Sublime Text) is a feature that is increasingly hard for me to work without.

@dos The chatter on that ticket is nifty. Debugging usually isn't such a visual process, so it was fun to see the evolution of the camera's output through the development process. Thanks for that pointer!

Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns / Walking through Time with Google Street View: Rochester's Inner Loop
Google Street View shows us something else about the old Inner Loop Expressway: the lack of traffic.

@agx My mistake... I was specifically asking about extensions and not tweaks. Thanks.

@agx Out of curiosity, are there any plans to make Phosh/Phoc compatible with Gnome Extensions (aka Tweaks)?

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