@joshfowler @krzym @PINE64 I got about 4-6 hours on Debian+Phosh as of my last round of untethered trials. Low screen brightness, and screen off for good chunks of time, but with Cellular and WiFi enabled. The phone was a nice pocket warmer the whole time through, so I expect there’s plenty of room for improvement.


Shame on you . The title, intro graphic, and social media quote blurb are all misleading abuses of statistics: If you play with the interactive graph widget in the article, it clearly shows that the graph on the right puts the peak off the right edge of the plot area.

The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories / How to be socially distant
A short guide to social distancing in 2020.

@agx (6) A hold and release button to trigger speech capture for an on-device voice assistant like Rhasspy.

@agx A great point. Here’s a few ideas I have rolling around: (1) Context sensitive media controller that pops up when you’re on a specific WiFi network. (2) A quick text entry widget that invokes a script (e.g, for quick note taking). (3) Weather for the day. (4) A summary of upcoming events in the next 24 hours (not just notifications, but a calendar page). (5) A widget that shows the output of a script (formatted as a List?).

Looking forward to this feature evolving!

@djsundog Fantastic efforts! Out of curiosity, does the update require a reflash, or is it possible to update an earlier image?


just verified for myself: the latest debian+phosh image for the #pinephone now has working phone calls, out of the box.


@agx Is it modular though or does it require modifying Phosh itself? It would be nifty if there was a nice (and well documented) interface that could be used to create custom widgets.

@agx Nifty!

How easy is it going to be to add these? It would be fantastic to be able to display calendar appointments and/or todos from taskwarrior on the lock screen.

@nextcloud This is incredible. Collaborative office documents are pretty much the only task I still proactively turn to for. After playing around with in a little bit, it really seems like a viable replacement! (and +1 for the 2-click install!)

@kyle It’s been a while since my read-through, but iirc, 1984 doesn’t really go into how they got to a point where the media twisted facts to match the govt’s narrative, everyone’s tv was always watching them, and blind rage against unassailable foes was a social obligation. Fear certainly kept their civilization in the hole once they jumped in though...

@martijnbraam Is this one of the official distros (PMOS?) or a custom build?

@nextcloud This reads a lot like my migration out of the ecosystem. The triggering event for me was killing support for the Public folder. Entirely inconsequential, but forced me to re-evaluate my dependence on closed solutions. Now, I couldn’t be happier with as a replacement for iCloud, Dropbox, and (many of my uses of) Google Docs.

@kyle On the other hand, tying attendance to the location reported by the (untrusted) operating system on an (arbitrary) smartphone seems even easier to subvert than signatures.

@agx 👏 Looking forward to having a pocket-sized laptop!

The #librem5 devkit driving it's internal panel via DSI and an external screen via HDMI at the same time.

#etnaviv #mesa #imx8

The Software Freedom @conservancy , which helps manage funds and provides a legal home for the Inkscape project, is seeking your help for its donation match!

There are 6 days left to raise about $30K. Consider donating for software freedom today & have your donation count double!

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