@kyle Agreed that moving away from centralization is the first step in the right direction. Glad to hear that there are plans for the next steps as well!

@kyle 2/2: There's an argument to be made for distributed authorities performing moderation duties rather than direct peers: Any such authority needs to first build trust from the community, which serves as a safeguard against abuse. Any such authority also must balance the needs of many participants. Admittedly, this won't eliminate filter bubbles, but at least makes them harder to create.

@kyle A few points here: First, take your example. Yes you get to choose which of your peers tags your client will respect, but what if one of your peers starts abusing the privilege? How would you know? (maybe add a UI indication of hidden toots + why they're hidden). Second, I'm wary of any infrastructure that makes it easy to create a filter bubble... A peer-created filter bubble is almost as bad as a centrally-mandated one (maybe allow peers to downvote tags?).

@kyle An interesting approach to distributed moderation. I'm concerned it replaces a centralized tyrant with the tyrany of the crowd, but its a step in the right direction. I wonder how one might design it to limit peer bullying or tribal behavior. It's also an interesting exercise in query language/UI design: You'd want thresholding (hide posts tagged [rude] by at least 3 of my friends) and client-specific tests (hide posts tagged [nsfw] on my work computer).

@kyle While I agree with this stance in general, the entire point of moderation is to reduce the need to deal with unwanted content. Decentralization is important, but practical open world systems need support for delegating moderation responsibilities to one (or more) trusted (and decentralized) authorities.

Handmade media controller based on the m0 trinket and a neopixel strip. Super hackable and does volume control and play/pause.

@purism Debian/Gnome3 for the desktop (need nonfree for the hardware unfortunately), PureOS on the Librem 13. Also using an Adafruit trinket m0 ruler for use as media keys for the laptop. Used for dev, typesetting, experiments, and pretty much everything else an academic does.

Almost forgot the food! dining cars have a limited menu, but what they have is really good.

After reflecting: Some of my favorite parts of traveling on the Southwest Chief (CHI to LAX, and back)
- Thunderstorm over the Kansas plains at night.
- The Mississippi river crossing.
- Trains crossing in the fog.
- Mountain passes on the CO/NM border.
- The Pecos Wilderness area in New Mexico.
- The Albuquerque water stop vendors.
- Sunrise over NV/CA.
- 6 days of being disconnected from the world with nothing but a laptop and a (virtual) stack of books.

@sylvia_ritter Random lurker here... Just wanted to say that I've been really enjoying your daily speedpaintings. The penguins are a particular favorite. Have a relaxing break!

I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

@agx @purism PureBrowser doesn't seem to be able to view files of this type. Cool tiling though!

Schneier on Security / A Feminist Take on Information Privacy
They love-bomb us when we try to break away, piling on the free data or device upgrades, making us click through page after page of dark pattern, telling us no one understands us like they do, no one ...

@palinuro we will be publishing a shipping schedule in a few days :)

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