Although -assistant is an incredibly powerful tool, it's also a monolith of a software package. Coupling a state bus, archival, data vis, and hardware compatibility layers makes for a brittle system that needs to be restarted on every little change. Using YAML as a configuration tool is also incredibly limiting.

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I started playing around with the other day, and it struck me just how easy it was to attach a development client to test out new ideas. I'd already implemented a comparable tool for HASS using its websockets API, but MQTT required just so much less boilerplate to make work. I'm thinking of slowly migrating my house logic off of hass and into something cleaner and MQTT-based.

@okennedy Almost all of the devices in my house are actually _using_ MQTT, except for a small number of Z-Wave devices. Home Assistant is just what "manages" them.

@elb What I'm saying is that I'm starting to think of migrating "management" (i.e., Automations, Triggers, etc...) away from Hass. Hass is fantastic on the integrations front, but YAML is a horrible way to specify management logic. What I've been dinking around with is a piece of software that connects to MQTT and makes it easy for me to add e.g., scala code for intent handling, generating homewide notifications, or synthesizing new sensors from existing data.

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