A Hispine Beetle, maybe genus Dactylispa, spotted at Kranji Marshes, Singapore, on 14 Nov 2021. A tiny beetle, but on close up, looks intimidating with all those spines on its body.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/1 ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Beetles #Coleoptera

phosh 0.14.0 is out 🚀 :

It adds launch splash for starting apps, has media player improvements and much more. Check the release notes (gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/p) for details.

#phosh #librem5 #purism #gnomeonmobile #gnome #linux

Saturday is just the best day of the week. In my opinion at least. 😎

So have another thing that I like, a #dragonfly! I followed its flight path for quite a while until I finally managed to get a shot in flight. Although they usually hover in the same spots, getting a sharp photo is a challenge.
But in this case I'm more than happy with the result.

#photography #EyesOnNature

Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊

Sylvia Ritter makes precise but psychedelic, colourful and detailed artwork, often related to animals or libre projects. You can follow at:

➡️ @sylvia_ritter

Ritter has a website at sylvia-ritter.com

#SylviaRitter #Art #Artists #Painting #Painters #Illustration #Illustrators #Krita #Animals #SpeedPainting

I put that here: redbubble.com/shop/ap/89652762 (for those who still likes to buy real objects, and support the artist. 😉 )

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened: davidrevoy.com/article864/drea

#NFT #NFTCommunity

Tech giants need to be pushed to make it easy for users to leave, or to use other tools to interact with their data without leaving entirely. act.eff.org/action/tell-your-r

Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns / Crossing the Street is Like Dodging Bullets
For this reason, I direct you to immediately lower the speed limit on this section of the roadway to 30 mph, install speed messaging boards, and construct park-appropriate guard rails to protect pedes...

Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns / Anywhere Can Be Somewhere (and Other Walking Lessons)
Okay, now what is that thing for your next-door neighbor?

1.1.0 released. Improved support for frozen cells, and a few new cell types, as well as laying the groundwork for Jupyter import functionality.


There is only one proper way to compile #Linux kernels in the Italian summer

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